Hi! We’re Jason & Chelsea–and we love to help people get unstuck, activate their spirits, & live boldly!

It is a dream-come-true to see people get launched, get traction, and live their lives by letting their power out! It’s our passion to ignite and spark people to action, and to help them see how easy that really is.

We are authors, mentors, and, really, belief coaches. We led a school of supernatural ministry in Florida for three years and saw our students time after time activate their spirits and live courageously and boldly like they never thought they could, as well as feeling so empowered to live out their God-given call!

Our back story is that we met in Redding, CA, in 2008 and became quick friends after working at the same coffee shop together. We both moved to Redding to be a part of Bethel Church as well as go through their school of ministry, BSSM. While at work we would play prophetic games with each other; seeing if we could get each other’s middle names by a word of knowledge (which we did; Jason got Chelsea’s on the first try, and Chelsea got Jason’s on the second;), things like that. We actually experienced heavenly encounters while we spent time together closing up the coffee shop, as Holy Spirit was totally moving among us! It all started a great friendship, and a connection to each other in the spirit that was unlike any we had ever seen.

We soon fell–and chose–in love, and got engaged shortly after! We were engaged for two years, got married in 2010 on a beautifully sunny day on the river in Washington, and left on a boat across the river.

Two years later, we started leading the supernatural school of ministry in Florida, and three years into it, we had our first adorable dream-come-true son, Joshy! And, two days shy of two years after that, we had our second dream-come-true scrumptious son, Benji! We are very proud parents of such WONDERFUL boys, and are just so happy to be their parents. They are our main ministry and we have made a habit out of declaring prophetic truths over them to build them up as well as begin to teach them how to connect with God, be aware of Him, see what Holy Spirit is doing, and just train them basically in the supernatural. Our oldest, almost three at the time, just invited Jesus in his heart. It was beautiful and so simple and awesome!

We help them get unstuck and launched into seeing into the supernatural, get activated in signs and wonders, have encounters with Jesus who shows them and tells them who they are to Him, teach people how to access Heaven and heal the sick, gain the ability to hear from God clearer and have more open lines of communication and intimacy with Him, as well as get soul and body healing, therefore living a thriving, activated life full of POWER!

You are so welcome here, and we’re glad you came. We hope you experience major breakthroughs and that you’ll never be the same!!

If you’d like to WATCH us tell our story during one of our Facebook live recordings, here it is…